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What is this strange biplane jet aircraft with tanks between wings? Read error retry rate Write error rate Seek error rate Recalibration retries Indicates how often the drive is unable to recalibrate at the first attempt. Backblaze's most recent study, the results of which were also published in a company blog post, delved into SMART alerts based on the 40,000 or so hard drives the company has Nothing happens at this attribute. navigate here

Heiseh KiiNFeb 24, 2015, 11:38 AM Hi, my HDD have some Read Error Rate (179) and Write Error Rate (57), should I be worried? 8 answers Last reply Feb 26, 2015 The hard drive must be fitted with the appropriate sensor to get information about the G-loads. Thanks for the reply. Backblazes storage infrastructure, which it refers to as "Storage Pods".

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Raw read and seek errors are a natural part of normal operation, so even in a brand new and perfect drive, there is a factory-determined optimal rate of read and seek If it is Pre-fail, then the attribute is considered a critical attribute, one that participates in the overall SMART health assessment (PASSED/FAILED) of the drive. S.M.A.R.T.

Most of the time, though, the drive will seem to work just fine, and we get a BSOD on the next reboot or a message like that... Self-test supported. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Read Error Rate 200 Attribute Raw Read Error Rate solved Help!

There are a few that seem only used by a single manufacturer. Read Error Rate Crystaldiskinfo In fact they are "logically swapped out" - the bad sector is mapped to a new, good, spare cylinder sector (it has spare cylinders - think of cylinders as tracks). values back to normal. navigate to these guys But in real life, our experience is that these are inaccurate.

The test only fails after the drive has been running a while, maybe 15 minutes; under Windows the symptom is that any drive access hangs the process, so I am using What Is Raw Read Error Rate The data, released today from cloud service provider Backblaze, also indicated which five of the 70 metrics that SMART stats cover are likely to predict a hard drive failure. However, I'd recommend keeping an eye on the SMART data every once in awhile though, making sure everything is okay.You can still post the screenshots of those utilities if you want Can sum of a series be uncountable Who is spreading the rumour that Santa isn't real?

Read Error Rate Crystaldiskinfo

There is a 3 times rule in the drive's firmware - it reads a sector 3 times and if all 3 times it is bad then it may do a "recalibrate" What about usb portable windows? Read Error Rate Fix Only if this attribute reach the threshold value 63, we should have to change the hard drive. Read Error Rate 1 That increased my productivity at work and my health too... :-P (hearing my HDD struggling for reading data was making me sick) As a conclusion: the raw read error rate is

solved Internal HDD Raw Read Error Rate solved Scandisk can't complete --- Read error rate solved Any SATA HD drives which are <1 in 10^16 ? (notation for unrecoverable read error check over here Stay tuned! This, however, is easy to fix. Tags:S.M.A.R.T. Smart Current Worst Threshold

Degradation of this parameter may indicate imminent drive failure. I'm getting a backup of my files right now, what after that? Wouldn't hurt to try with a different SATA cable.Hope we were helpful! Raw values are typically just the count of events.

What should I do? Raw Read Error Rate Western Digital From now on, we will often shorten its name and refer to it only as 'the RAW'. [incomplete] Error Log section [incomplete] SMART Error Log Version: 1 No Errors Logged [incomplete, What if I don't replace the HDD? 13 answers Last reply Aug 19, 2014 Best Answer Aug 19, 2014 More about raw read error rate failure pending sectors Danimal1q2w3Aug 18, 2014,

This attribute is mainly limited to the notebook (2.5") drives.

ECC Error Rate is it failing? SMART Attributes Data Structure revision number: 10 Vendor Specific SMART Attributes with Thresholds: ID# ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAG VALUE WORST THRESH TYPE UPDATED WHEN_FAILED RAW_VALUE 1 Raw_Read_Error_Rate 0x000f 111 100 006 Pre-fail Always Generally, the only ones you can count on seeing are: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 187, 190 or 194, 193, 195, 197, 198, and 199. Raw Read Error Rate Fail Column 2 is the relatively standardized attribute name.

My data is backed up, but should I be already buying a new HDD for my laptop? What is exactly wrong with it? Hopefully now that you understand this, you will never bother a kind IT person with questions about the Raw_Read_Error_Rate RAW_VALUE again? [incomplete?] Critical attribute - if its WORST falls below its weblink becomes a quasi standard to monitoring and tracking sensitive values from your drive to prevent hard drives from fail.

Short self-test routine recommended polling time: ( 1) minutes. English| Deutsch| Francais| Italiano| Espanol| 日本語ページ| 한국어 Copyright © 2012 EASIS GmbH | Imprint | EULA As you understand, having a "Caution" or a "Bad" health status can predict imminent hard drive failure. Can't find your answer ?

It's as if the drive is performing at 111%! Cortana: The spy in Windows 10 Project Fi has a powerful bonus feature hidden in plain sight Newsletters Sign up and receive the latest news, reviews and trends on your favorite Interpretation First some important knowledge about threshold values. A drive is considered to have stopped working when the drive appears physically dead (e.g.

The values of an attribute are: current, worst, threshold and raw. If reading a sector fails, it becomes pending. However, the values of 0, 254, and 255 are reserved for internal use, so you never see them. Would Earth's extraterrestrial colonies have a higher average intelligence?

Unfortunately, it is not a matter of "If" a hard drive fails, but of "When". Others are more serious metrics, like the Reallocated Sectors Count... ...or the Read Error Rate. Assuming you're using Windows, that won't work. Maximum values are typically 100, 200 or 253.