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Still, here's a couple of possible reasons why; certain applications (i.e. For example, copying large files to an external drive in Mac OS X might lead to the following Finder error: "The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error If you're having trouble downloading QuickTime version 7.7 or later, please try this alternate link. QuickTime can be used to present live video and record (with or without sound), and it's fully compatible with HUE. Source

Contact Fancy a chat, you can contact me easily. Ex: I've got a 38 GB .iMovieProject file that I can transfer to my external hard drive with no problems, but if I try to move a .dmg file that's larger There is different ways to store data, each of these have different limitations and can only be read by certain types of operating system. iChat was designed to accept input from Firewire and UVC webcams.

Error Code 0 Android

Your saved projects won't be deleted. The solution was decisively simple and very easy to overcome. Thanks 🙂 Tommy Stephansen Hi Alan, Make sure you're in the correct folder when running the command.

Reply sfsf says: November 23, 2010 at 11:10 pm 行: 13 错误: ‘old_qoptions' 未定义 Reply sfsf says: November 23, 2010 at 11:11 pm I’ve had trouble working with portable drives between most of them copy right over. Mencoder is good as well. How To Fix Error Code 0 Mac Apple disclaims any and all liability for the acts, omissions and conduct of any third parties in connection with or related to your use of the site.

I haven't used MX for ages, so I'm not sure if QT Video is an option. Error Code 0 Mac United States Copyright © Apple Inc. Your login password will have been sent to you by email when you first registered. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Sales and Refunds Legal Site Map Contact Apple Home Macintosh iOS & iPod News & Opinion Archives Advertise Contact Fixes Finder "Error code 0" when copying

Share: facebookgoogle+twitterlinkedinpinterestemailPermalinkaI have a problem with WebCam MonitorWebCam Monitor is the Mac software which is sometimes installed with the HUE HD Camera. Error 0 Mac probably over the file size limit. You can read Microsoft's instructions for viewing hidden folders here. Before recording a video, select Set Capture File… from the File menu and choose a location on your computer where your recorded video will be saved.

Error Code 0 Mac

If you're seeing a big difference in quality let our customer services team know so that they can give you further advice. Share: facebookgoogle+twitterlinkedinpinterestemailPermalinkaThe camera works in WebCam Monitor but it's not detected in HUE AnimationPlease make sure that WebCam Monitor is completely closed before starting up the animation software. Error Code 0 Android If you find you need the camera viewing tool from the driver package but not the drivers, you can download a standalone executable for this which can be copied across your Error Code 0 Windows If the window is still blank, check that the camera isn’t open in any other software at the same time and ensure that Preview is selected in the Options menu. 2.

questionable software. Share: facebookgoogle+twitterlinkedinpinterestemailPermalinkaI can't install the software on my Mac because the files are 'damaged'This message can sometimes appear for users of Mac OS X 10.9 or later when the computer's security If there is a loose USB connection anywhere in the chain, the audio will be the first thing affected. As HUE can be used without drivers, we recommend trying with and without the drivers installed to see whether this solves the problem. The Operation Cannot Be Completed Because An Unexpected Error Occurred Error Code -50

There's one more option: Publish the film as a .swf file, then use one of the many conversion tools (most are free) to change the .swf into a .mov Good luck! You should be able to download the newest version from your computer or motherboard manufacturer directly. In iChat select iUSBCam from the Video menu. Share: facebookgoogle+twitterlinkedinpinterestemailPermalink FAQs: HUE HD Pro CameraaWill HUE cameras work with Android devices?At this time, we don't offer any support for using HUE on Android devices such as smartphones, tablets or

Share: facebookgoogle+twitterlinkedinpinterestemailPermalinkaI need help setting up the microphone on my MacHUE Animation Studio defaults to using your system microphone. Error Code 0 Facebook I recommend clicking the "Download through your browser" link once the download page loads. In the meantime, you should be able to solve the problem by downgrading to an earlier version of Skype for Windows.

To solve the problem, click on your audio track and look to see whether a portion of it appears grey.

The simplest solution is to use drives formatted with Mac OS Extended (Journaled) or HFS+ file systems, however a Windows PC will not be able to access either of these file Top gomi Post subject: Re: Video Error... If I'm not mistaken, the conversion process within Flash is somewhat dependent upon the features/codecs in your stand-alone version of Quicktime, so if you don't have Quicktime Pro then you may Unexpected Error Code 0 Only one application can be using the camera stream at a time.

If not, try the second method at point 11 below. ALTERNATIVE 2 - manual or deployment install with transform: Go to point 11 further down. Apple News (6) Commentary (19) Fixes (18) General (4) Hardware Reviews (4) Hardware Tips (18) iOS & iPod (38) OS X Features (37) OS X Tricks (52) Software Reviews (29) Software Check This Out This test will show us whether the issue is video or audio related.

Share: facebookgoogle+twitterlinkedinpinterestemailPermalinkaWindows XP reports that the unknown USB device malfunctionedCheck that there are no new USB 2.0 drivers for your computer in Windows Update. The camera should be firmly pushed into its base. Some of the newer HUE cameras do not offer the option to adjust the camera's exposure settings. virtualdubs great, but avisynth always seemed too complicated i guess...

The only problem is that it isn't compatible with windows xp or earlier. The zoom option will be unavailable if the camera is capturing in MJPG mode or the video software is closed. We use settings like these when we create our demonstration clips; they can be upscaled and used in HD video projects so long as the original recording was good enough. Share: facebookgoogle+twitterlinkedinpinterestemailPermalinkaDoes the HUE HD Pro have zoom controls?The HU Home How To Guides Troubleshooting Me Twitter Facebook How to Install QuickTime on Windows 10 11th July, 2015Tommy Stephansen213 Comments QuickTime

Thanks so much. Mac OS Extended (Case Sensitive, Journaled) 4. hard drive plugged it, erase the device, rename it, but instead of formatting it as "FAT" do the first option (I think it's MAC OSX (Journaled)? Launching the software First, open the software from the Start Menu.

poodleface, there is no single tool for all conversions.